Our philosophy
"Expert and honest water quality monitoring solutions through science and services"

Water quality monitoring is not a goal in itself, but a means to an end. Effective water quality monitoring can improve the sustainability of water treatment processes by reducing chemical use and energy consumption. New developments, in e.g. smart grid monitoring and big data analysis, will allow for a more holistic approach towards water quality monitoring, thus minimising public and ecological health risks as a result of e.g. drinking water contamination or wastewater discharges into surface waters.

This demand for water quality information results in an increased interest in water quality monitoring and data analysis. Benten can provide a combination of scientific support, expert know-how and instrumentation to help answer water-quality-related issues. Benten's experts combine a thorough understanding of water quality and monitoring technologies with extensive practical experience of monitoring to help clients understand their water quality.

The key to answering any water-quality question is good quality data. Benten provides the right combination of knowledge and scientific support to help utilities collect and interpret water quality data. Benten believes in working with you to help achieve your goals. This means joining forces and working together to obtain the most satisfying results.

Benten's strengths include:

  • expertise in chemical water quality, aquatic ecology, and sensor research and development
  • hands-on experience of monitoring systems, and the planning and execution of monitoring campaigns
  • a proven track record as consultants in the water sector
  • up-to-date knowledge of state-of-the-art water quality measuring and monitoring technologies
  • awareness of past, present and future developments in water quality monitoring technologies

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