29th April 2015

Benten awarded loan by the Bison Foundation to develop test centre


Leeuwarden, 29th April 2015

Benten Water Solutions starts unique European test centre.

Thanks to a loan of 55,000 Euros, awarded by the Bison Foundation, Benten Water Solutions is able to set up the first formal test centre for water quality sensors in Europe. The centre will be established in collaboration with the Waterapplicatiecentrum and the Center of Expertise Water Technology (CEW). It is also unique since it will come under the European Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) programme.

"This means that we will be able to test [sensors] under strict conditions", says Corina Carpentier, founder and Managing Director of Benten Water Solutions. "All the strict requirements result in a formally accepted European certificate. Our goal is to have the ETV certificate play a leading role in the European market."

The test centre will be developed by making clever use of the facilities of the WaterCampus in Leeuwarden, made possible by the Bison Foundation loan. The foundation was set up to financially support start-ups, especially those in the water technology and health sectors. The plans of Benten Water Solutions met with broad enthusiasm in the foundation’s panel of experts. "The knife cuts both ways", says Carpentier. "There are many clever companies in Europe which develop wonderful technologies and deserve to be brought to market. Thanks to the test centre they will not only find their way to market but be awarded a certificate guaranteeing the quality of the sensors."

“We are extremely happy to have been given the foundation’s trust and the possibility to stimulate these new technologies. As a leader in the water technology sector, you have to innovate and invest: the test centre allows us to do precisely that.”

Note for the press: Stichting Bison [Bison Foundation] has been active since 2008 and helps companies with financing, enquiries and patents, finding start-up space, support and coaching. Financing is provided by a revolving fund, whereby companies which have been given financial support pay part of it back to the foundation for others to receive.

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