October 2014

Invitation to the Minisymposium of the Measurement Methods of Algal Biomass

Corina Carpentier, Managing Director of Benten Water Solutions, successfully defended her doctoal thesis "The Carpet of the Sun - On the Quantification of Algal Biomass" at the Marsaryk University of Brno, Czech Republic on 26th June, 2014. The thesis addresses several challenges regarding the quantification of algal biomass, both for phytoplankton (floating algae) and phytobenthos (algae attached to a surface). Such algal biomass can be expressed in various ways (e.g. biovolume or chlorophyll-a concentrations). However, sampling, detection and analysis methods as well as local conditions in a river, lake or reservoir can cause considerable variability in the results. 

The potential pitfalls and methods to address them are described for four different quantification methods. Moreover, the methods are compared to each other and widely accepted methods of algal biomass determination, as well as the spectrometric analysis of chlorophyll-a according to the ISO 10260 standard (NEN 5620).

On 3rd October from 14:00 hrs a minisymposium will be held at TU Delft, in which Corina will present her thesis. Edwin Kardinaal from KWR Watercycle Research Institute will then give a presentation on adaptation of DNS techniques for the identification of blue-green algae, followed by Bas van der Wal from STOWA on the importance of knowledge of the water system as a prerequisite for water policy and management. The presentations will be followed by a discussion on the necessity of developing new monitoring technologies for water authorities.

You are welcome to attend the symposium.
Please register your intention to do so via Colin Moore: Participation is free.

You can dwonload Corina's thesis and the complete programme here. The symposium will be held in Dutch.

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