September 2017

Benten develops new start-up Sensileau BV to launch Sensor Platofrm

Sensileau® is a web-based community platform offering insight into the rapidly expanding world of online sensor technology for water quality monitoring.

The online platform provides a quick overview of all online and real-time sensor technologies commercially available worldwide. This comprehensive database was developed in 2014 by an international consortium under the leadership of Benten Water Solutions. The database contains up-to-date information on approximately 10,000 measuring instruments for automatic and online monitoring of more than 100 different water quality parameters from 300 manufacturers!

Online  screenshot of the Sensileau Sensor Platform

Start-up Sensileau supports you in finding, installing, operating and maintaining fit-for-purpose sensors by offering a user-friendly access to the database with independent and verified information for the procurement, implementation and use of sensors so that you can always choose the right one.

Sensileau® saves you a lot of search time and improves your search results, precisely geared towards your monitoring requirements.

For more information...

Watch the introductory video here. Or go to the Sensileau Platform website here.

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