Services for Investors
Investment Opportunities

With numerous new technologies being developed and start-up companies being established (more often than not as spin-offs of university research) and the need for additional (private) funding for the development of these water quality sensor technologies becoming more apparent, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify really promising technologies for which a significant market exists, offering a good Return on Investment (ROI). There is a growing interest of private investors in water quality monitoring technologies, for various reasons:

  • the technologies developed are highly innovative;
  • these technologies support a more sustainable approach towards water treatment (reduction of the use of chemicals and energy);
  • water quality monitoring is directly related to public or ecological health and thus has a strong association with the needs of society.

Benten offers a range of consulting services bringing to bear its extensive experience in these fields to assist investors in choosing the most and economically efficient investment.

Technical Due Diligence

When investing in innovative water quality monitoring technology, it is important to mitigate technical risks before deciding to commit. If your goal is to acquire new technology, one critical step in the entire process is to assess the stability and validity of the company’s technology capabilities and to ensure that the measurements add up. There are a number of aspects which are essential for successful investment in new or exisiting water quality technologies, especially the development of online sensors.

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Market Analysis

A market analysis provides insight into the market potential, market size and whether water quality sensors or sensor types are marketable or commercially viable.
Benten offers this service either as part of a technical due diligence service, or as a separate product.

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