Services for Sensor Manufacturers
Fulfilling a Need

As a spin-off of university research or as an established sensor manufacturer you wish your online water quality sensors or monitors to be used by water utilities.

  • Do you experience that you need to provide a demonstration of your instrument to each individual customer?
    This is time-consuming and can incur costs which may not be recovered.
  • Do you face the issue of proving whether your sensor fulfils a monitoring need while addressing local conditions and regulatory requirements?
    Validation and verification of your technology or method may provide the answer to fulfilling these requirements.

Benten can help you. We offer expertise and experience in developing, implementing and using different water quality monitoring techniques to sensor manufacturers who wish to connect with their customers and the market at an early stage, in order to ensure the viability of their products in the long term.

Independent technology validation and verification (testing) can contribute to customer confidence in sensor technologies, and is thus also of interest to Benten’s other customer group - water utilities.

Benten provides this service as a Test Body under the umbrella of the European ETV programme in close cooperation with several partners, the Water Application Centre (WAC, NL), the Centre of Expertise Water Technology (CEW, NL) and WRc plc (UK).

Additionally, a market or competitor analysis helps you to focus your resources on the development of new products for which the market shows promising sales figures. Independent customer satisfaction surveys provide valuable information on how to improve related services such as technical support.

Validation and Verification

As a manufacturer of new, innovative water quality monitoring technologies, you may have experienced the utilities’ hesitation in adopting them into their process, which has resulted in lengthy and labour-intensive test phases at the end of which your technology may still be rejected.

Independent validation and verification testing can boost the adoption of new, innovative water quality monitoring technologies while at the same time ensure that the technology the water utilities wish to implement actually meets their requirements. Benten offers these services as a Test Body under the umbrella of the European ETV programme.

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Your Competitors

Benten's competitor analysis collects information on your competitors’ behaviour and can predict how they will respond to your marketing and performance targets by comparing your company with three of your major competitors with regard to:

  • What makes your company different from other online WQM sensor manufacturers?
  • Who or what is the target market?
  • What kind of online sensors do you need now and in the future?
  • How does your company strategy differ from your competitors'?

We use a SWOT analysis to assess your company's position in the marktet with regard to its competitive advantage, target market, market share, market strategy, product profile and price and distribution channels, in order to identifiy possible improvements or changes and put you ahead of the game.

Additionally, we analyse you and your competitors from the perspective of the customer with regard to the following questions:

  • Who is the customer base for your online monitoring technology?
  • What is your customer´s level of expectation?
  • What factors in your marketing and sales service lead to success?

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Your Customers

Obtaining information from your customers may be a laborious task but many companies often underestimate how a positive change in strategy or service, however small, can bring huge gains. Benten assists you in gaining insight into the activities of your customers and the role of your products so you can continue to provide the best possible sales and after-sales services. Insight into your customers’ activities and the role of your products is essential in providing optimal servicesWe analyse the information provided by the answers to specific questions:

  • How do your customers make use of your online water quality monitoring equipment?
  • What purpose does your online sensor serve?
  • How vital is your instrument in your customer’s process?

We also assess how your customers perceive your products and related services in order to identify potential improvements.

Our customer satisfaction surveys help you to collect answers to all these questions and more through targeted information gathering and expert assessments and to identify unsatisfied customers and find those customers willing to help you promote your products and e.g. provide you with testimonials for your website.

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