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Water Quality Monitoring

The growing role of online sensors has created new demand in the market. Developing, implementing or adapting monitoring strategies in order to maximise the (management) information obtained through water quality monitoring requires significant expertise and insight in the rapidly changing landscape of available technologies. Benten aims to support water utilities by providing tools and services to minimise the time necessary for the selection of suitable monitoring technologies, while at the same time ensuring that potentially suitable technologies are not overlooked. Additionally, Benten can streamline the acquisition, installation and implementation process of (online) monitoring equipment, provide training on the effective use of the technologies purchased and support data management processes

  • Are you looking to optimise your online monitoring network in order to maximise information gathering and minimise costs and efforts?
  • Have you purchased online water quality sensors which do not meet your expectations?
  • Is your instrumentation collecting dust on a shelf because you cannot seem to make it work?

Our assistance as a specialist partner who understands water quality monitoring issues inside-out and recognises the demands, necessities and practicalities as well as operational limitations allows utilities to obtain the best value for their monitoring budget and ensures that legislative thresholds and organisational goals are met.


WQM-Scan is a utility-wide scan of (waste)water treatment processes or a river basin. It provides an overview of the possibilities of online sensor and monitor deployment throughout the entire process or catchment area.

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WQM-eScan is an remote, online analysis of current online monitoring methods of water and wastewater treatment processes. The aim is to provide an overview of potential cost and chemicals/energy savings based on an optimisation of online monitoring strategies.

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The FOCUS approach (Facilitative Outline for Choosing and Using Sensors) can be used to describe the entire procedure from defining the technical problem or organisational goal, through the selection of suitable monitoring strategies, installation and implementation of essential equipment, up to evaluating the monitoring results.

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Technical instructions on how to operate monitoring equipment are usually provided by the vendors of such equipment. Benten offers training courses to help customers focus on the effective application of the equipment within the context of the end-user’s goals, in order to realise the full potential of the instruments.

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The overall objective of collecting water quality monitoring data is generally to obtain relevant information on the basis of which management or operational decisions can be taken. Collecting the right data and converting (large amounts of) water quality data into relevant information is not an easy task.

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