Services for Water Utilities

Drinking and wastewater processes are becoming more complex with increasing urbanisation and the introduction of new treatment techniques. Online water quality monitoring is having to take on a more important role to ensure that these processes run as optimally as possible. Monitoring the correct water quality parameters at the right place and at the right frequency can save (a lot of) money with regard to the use of chemicals and energy.

What is a WQM-eScan?

WQM-eScan is a remote, online analysis of drinking, surface and wastewater treatment processes which provides an overview of the potential saving of costs, chemicals and energy by deploying new, innovative online monitoring strategies or optmising existing programmes.
Researching all available literature produces a lot of useful information but it is very time-consuming. Over the last few years, Benten Water Solutions has collated all the relevant information from more than 250 sources of the last 15 years into a checklist allowing a rapid assessment of whether a process can be further optimised. This Water Quality Monitoring eScan (WQM-eScan) gives an overview of what other water companies or utilities have carried out in order to optimise their process and make considerable savings.

How does it work?

Using an online questionnaire, we establish your online quality monitoring needs by obtaining data on current operational goals and processes to investigate potential savings. The answers to the questionnaire (e.g. with respect to location and geographical characteristics, parameters measured, frequency, current use of online monitoring strategies, etc.) enable Benten to analyse possibilities for improvements and/or a plan of action based on best practice solutions, its considerable expertise in online monitoring technologies and a substantial number of (scientific) articles and papers.

When you apply for a WQM-eScan below, you receive a link to the online survey. Completing the online questionnaire takes around 20-30 minutes. When we have received your answers and we have no questions, you receive a summary of the results of the eScan within 2 weeks. As soon as we have received your payment, you will receive a complete report with the most realistic measures for optimisation and saving found in the literature.

What does it cost?

The WQM-eScan costs €3,500.

Please note:

However, during the introductory phase, we are offering the WQM-eScan to the first 25 clients for a price of only € 1,500! A saving of approx. 60%. If you are interested in this offer, please click on the link below.