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Covid-19: Impact on the water sector

June 2020

BlueTech Research’s virtual webinar took place on Thursday 18th June and brought together Technology Assessment Group (TAG) Experts to get their viewpoint on what impact COVID-19 is having on their various areas of interest.

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Newtrients workshop: Resource recovery from dairy industry effluent

January 2020

Dairy industry wastewater is particularly attractive as a potential source of valuable resources in Ireland as it has high amounts of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus but unlike municipal wastewater it is not contaminated with pathogenic material, heavy metals or micropollutants which makes it possible to use recovered resources as potential feedstuffs.

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Imagine a fit-for-purpose water future

February 2018

Judith Herschell Cole and Corina Carpentier have written a short article for the American Water Works Association describing what the water industry is expected to be like in 30 years as a result of the application of sensor technologies.