Water Research, 2009, 43(4), 989-96

Establishment Of An Alert Level Framework For Cyanobacteria In Drinking Water Resources By Using The Algae Online Analyser For Monitoring Cyanobacterial Chlorophyll A

K. Izydorczyk, C. Carpentier, J. Mrówczynski, A. Wagenvoort, T. Jurczak, M. Tarczynska


The Algae Online Analyser (AOA) fluorometer simultaneously distinguishes four different phytoplankton groups by their specific fluorescence spectra and thus allows for real-time in-situ chlorophyll a measurements per algal group. This AOA was used for monitoring cyanobacterial chlorophyll a in the drinking water at the Bronis?awow Bay abstraction point in Sulejow Reservoir (Poland). The main goal of this research was to develop an early warning method for the detection of cyanobacterial biovolume in the source water, in order to establish an Alert Level Framework for the drinking water abstraction point in Sulejow Reservoir. A positive correlation between cyanobacterial biovolume, as determined by conventional methods, and cyanobacterial chlorophyll a, as measured by the AOA, was found (p < 0.05). The results of this study were used to determine threshold values for the Alert Level Framework, based on cyanobacterial chlorophyll a concentrations in the source water of Sulejow Reservoir. The presented threshold values are determined specifically for this abstraction point, but the principles can be applied to other locations.

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