Technical instructions on how to operate monitoring equipment are often provided by the vendors of such equipment. However, such instructions usually do not go beyond the basics of instrument operation. Benten provides more in-depth training courses to ensure you get the best out of your monitoring equipment and achieve your water quality objectives.

WQM Instrument Training

Benten’s training courses help customers by focusing on the effective application of the equipment within the context of the end-user’s goals, in order to realise the full potential of the instruments. The training courses include an introduction to the technology, instructions on operation and maintenance, and data handling and interpretation. Field training is also included if necessary to gather first-hand experience with operation the instruments in the field.

Possible questions:

  • How can the monitoring equipment be deployed optimally?
  • How can reliable monitoring data be obtained?
  • How does the monitoring data support the users' goals?
  • How can the data be interpreted efficiently and effectively?

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