Technical Due Diligence

Benten offers technical due diligence of water monitoring technologies based on in-depth knowledge of a rapidly expanding sensor technology market for the water industry.

Benten assists you in establishing the objectives of your investment (e.g. eliminating competition, acquiring new technology or diversifying a current product portfolio), taking into account the potential and pitfalls of each approach with regard to a rapidly expanding market. To define exactly what is a potential and what is not, it is necessary to assess many different aspects of the technology behind the sensor.

Benten provides a service which:

  • investigates the potential stability and expandability of the sensor in the market;
  • analyses the costs of production, operation, support and maintenance;
  • looks at how much the company is reliant on the technology on offer.

Our technical due diligence also includes an assessment of the management team's technical capabilities, the know-how of the technical staff, their strengths and weaknesses and depths, as well as the key players in the technology, and the risks involved in developing new, innovative technologies. All in all, an overview which gives you the confidence to invest in innovative, new or existing, ground-breaking, or even well-established water quality sensor technology.

A Technical Due Diligience covers the following points:

  • identification of scope and objectives, including confidentiality agreement;
  • documentation review including all relevant technical documents;
  • detailed technical audit and reporting;
  • prototype testing of sensor technology (optional);
  • client-liaison and after-service including additional questions or concerns.

Upon request, Benten can also provide services related to technology scouting at various levels of development (seed, series A).

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