Drinking and wastewater processes are becoming more complex with increasing urbanisation and the introduction of new treatment techniques. Online water quality monitoring ensures that these processes run as optimally as possible. Monitoring the correct water quality parameters at the right place and at the right frequency can save (a lot of) money with regard to the use of chemicals and energy.

What is a WQM-Scan?

The WQM-Scan is a utility-wide scan of (waste)water treatment processes or a river basin, which provides an overview of the possibilities for the deployment of online sensors and monitors throughout the entire process or catchment area. To this end, Benten combines its knowledge of commercially available monitoring technologies with its expertise in implementation processes within water utilities.

How it works

Benten visits your organisation for period of several weeks or months to assess its monitoring needs. We analyse your water processes and conducts a survey of all current online monitoring programmes and frequencies to investigate potential savings. In consultation with the respective technicians and experts, we provide an overview of the potential savings, draw up a list of potential improvements and present them to management as a plan of action.

What it costs

Due to the nature of each individual project, it is not possible to estimate the costs of a WQM-Scan.

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The tailor-made approach:
combined WQM-Scan and WQM-FOCUS

Combining our WQM-Scan and WQM-FOCUS approach offers you the possibility to assess and optimise existing (online) monitoring programmes within your organisation first, before proceeding to implement new equipment. Through a thorough scan of your existing (online) monitoring programme, operating and maintenance procedures and data management we jointly identify opportunities for optimisation, focused on maximising efficiency and effectiveness of your monitoring programme, while at the same time minimising maintenance efforts and other costs, such as the use of chemicals during treatment. The results of the scan will reveal if there are any gaps in your monitoring efforts, which can then be filled following the WQM-FOCUS approach.

Profile video

A short promotional film about Benten Water Solutions from 2015.