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Sensileau Sensor Platform established

Benten co-founds new start-up Sensileau to launch knowledge exchange platform on sensor technologies for the water industry

Sensileau Sensor Platform launched

Benten Water Solutions and BroosWater have jointly established a new company by the name of Sensileau B.V., inspiring water experts to leverage sensor technologies. 

Sensileau aims to contribute to a more sustainable water industry which is well-prepared to face a future dominated by climate change challenges and increased water demand. Vast amounts of research reports and peer-reviewed literature are converted into practical tools and services which support the successful implementation of sensor technologies. In doing so, Sensileau minimises the time necessary to maximise the benefits from all available knowledge. The Sensileau Sensor Platform reaches out to all water experts around the globe to support them in their efforts to protect water quality.

Benten brings in its many years of experience and expertise on sensor technologies and online monitoring, whereas BroosWater provides the digital platform through which this knowledge is shared. For more information, please check the Sensileau website.

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